#Confession Challenge [Graduate Acting Company]

“Fantastic, insightful examination of the impact of social media on young people.”
[Audience member]

a play by Helen Stanley & Graduate Acting Company

Is it possible to seek forgiveness live on instagram?
It all started as way to challenge the haters…
A way to say sorry…But that’s not how it ended.

A deep dive performance into how we use social media today.
What it means to represent our authentic selves online and what it takes to change.

#CONFESSION CHALLENGE toured to Fuse Festival, Kingston, LYT’s Creative Hub and Catford Broadway in July 2023.  

ABOUT THE COMPANY: LYT’s Graduate Acting Company are a group of 10 young performers passionate about theatre, writing, directing and storytelling. Working with playwright and director Helen Stanley, they have developed Confession Challenge over 2 years, using their own experiences to explore questions about youth mental health and what they can do to make a difference.