Wellbeing Resources

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, upset, anxious, struggling with your relationships with friends or family or finding life hard, You’re Not Alone.

LYT Resources for Wellbeing:

Friday Socials @ Young Lewisham Project
Fridays 4:30-6:00pm 

  • 12th November
  • 19th November
  • 26th November
  • 3rd December

Are you missing the social side of LYT? Wondering what everyone is up to? Want something that’s not about studying? Then join us for LYT’s Friday Social – a weekly drop-in session for LYT members during July. It’s just a chance to catch up, hang out and laugh.
Click Here for Directions to Young Lewisham Project
Text 07907 038 730 or email us for more info.

LYT Chats: One-to-one advice and guidance mentoring for those who are or who have been involved in one of LYT’s projects to help you find positive next steps and resources. Contact your project lead, email Amy or text 07375 940 516 to set up a time to chat.

Online Resources for Everyone

Whether you’ve been involved with LYT before or not, we’ve collected some online resources that my help you with tips, activities and access to someone to talk to.

NEW: Brighton’s Safety Net e-zines created by children and young people including activities, advice & information.

NEW: Neurolove free online social therapy for young people aged 8-25 to stay emotionally and physically well.

NEW: Action for Children’s Can’t Talk, Write toolkits, encouraging mental health through different writing activities.

Kooth: Online mental wellbeing community for young people, offering free, safe and anonymous support.

Every Mind Matters: NHS website with expert advice and practical tips to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing.

Rise Above: Rise Above is where you will find interesting and useful stuff from the web and beyond to get us all talking about the things that matter to us. You’ll find inspiring and useful stories, videos, games and advice.

Good Thinking: Good Thinking digital wellbeing tools are designed for anyone living or working in London, It’s free and can support individuals in managing their own mental health and building resilience.

My Mind Matters: Total Insight Theatre has worked with young people to create a short film about the mental health experiences of three young people during Covid-19 lockdown.

Kazzum Arts’ Grounded: A collection of short animations to support mental health and wellbeing of young people.

Please note: We proactively seek out opportunities to share on this page and are unlikely to respond to marketing requests. We want to share opportunities that are:

  • Aimed at young people, and encouraging young people to have agency and a voice
  • Specifically focused on building young people’s tools for wellbeing
  • Creative, build connection and allow young people to contribute positively to their community
  • Charitable in nature, so it’s unlikely that we would share opportunties that aren’t free or that aim to promote non-charitable activity
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