Upcoming Senior Youth Theatre Performance

Friday 29th July, 7.30pm
George Wood Theatre, Goldsmiths University of London

Join LYT’s Senior Youth Theatre for the performance of two original plays created by our members, exploring the idea of ‘belonging’.

Suggested donation of £6/£4

Three Little Words

Three Little Words is about the things, people and places that give us our sense of belonging. Our play has developed out of exchanges and meetings with young people from Bristol, Paris, Milan and Jamaica.

Indefinite Alien

Indeifinite Alien explores the diverse experiences of coming to and leaving Britain for young people. Set in an airport’s passport control we discover true stories of exclusion and isolation in an attempt to belong – but belong to what?

For more information or to book tickets please contact Zoe at:
info@lewishamyouththeatre.com or 020 8690 3428

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