30 Short Scenes About Love

30 Short Scenes About Love

To celebrate our 30th Birthday, the 2017 Senior Youth Theatre created a performance that looked back at LYT’s history with pieces of previous productions, linked with newly devised verbatim scenes. This was followed by the performance of ’15 Short Scenes About Love’ – a newly commissioned play by playwright and former LYT member Dani Moseley.




“[I enjoyed] the professionalism of the company and the support of the practitioners. I think it has helped me explore my range as an actor.”
– Performer

When I heard of LYT I was nervous to go alone but I realise now that I shouldn’t have been. Everyone is welcoming.”

“I was really impressed with the quality of work the youth theatre delivered. I actually cried!  I thought to myself wow, youth of today are actually really inspiring…for someone at that age pushing themselves to rehearse and partake in a theatre production, shows dedication and courage and it made me re-evaluate the youth of today!”
– Audience Member

Project Dates:  April  – July 2017

Performance Dates: Friday & Saturday 28th & 29th July

Performance Groups:  LYT’s Senior Acting Company, Senior Workshop Company & Technical Theatre Bronze Arts Award

Participants: 13 performers aged 16-21, 21 performers aged 14-17, 11 backstage technical crew and 1 Front of House crew

Downloads: 30 Short Scenes About Love Programme