Technical Theatre Training

“It’s made me realise I don’t just have to be a director or actor.
There are so many more things I can be.”

Production Assistant

“[My daughter is] in the crew.  It helped her confidence and independence, and
confirmed her liking for work in theatre.”


Project Dates:  January – February 2016

Performance Dates:  18th February 2016

Participants: 18 participants aged 11-17

LYT’s Technical Theatre Workshop Group took part in 5 sessions during which they learned about stage management, lighting and prop making.  They also had the chance to go on a backstage tour of the National Theatre.

16 of these participants were able to use what they learned in a theatre environment by supporting as Production Assistants on the Junior Youth Theatre’s performance of Teenage Dreams at Goldsmith College’s George Wood Theatre on 18th February 2016.