Junior Youth Theatre 8-11s: Shakespeare’s Stories

“[It was] amazing – so inclusive and funny. LYT has been the single biggest thing that has prepared my daughter for Secondary school.”
– Parent

“LYT is important as an avenue for children with Autism to learn life and social skills otherwise denied them in a world that doesn’t always listen. My son has gained awareness of others’ emotional needs. He has revelled in his mentoring role and is much more open  and articulate in conversation as a result.”
– Parent of LYT Peer Mentor

“I enjoyed doing something different, and not like made up stories. JYT1 has helped me become  a lot more confident about being in front of a large audience.”
– Performer

adapted specially for LYT’s 8-11s group

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
adapted by Sheryl Malcolm


The Tempest
adapted by Helen Stanley



Project Dates:  January – June 2018

Performance Dates: Saturday 2nd June 2018

Performance Groups:  LYT’s Junior Youth Theatre 8-11s

Participants: 38 performers,  7 peer mentors and 3 backstage technical crew

Downloads: A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest Programme