Junior Youth Theatre’s Performances June 2016

Project Dates:  January 2016 – June 2016

Performance Dates:  4th June 2016

Performance Groups:  LYT’s Junior Youth Theatre (8-11s) and Technical Theatre Workshop Group

Participants: 36 performers and 12 production assistants

Download: Our Teacher’s a Troll & The Last Word Programme

Our Teacher’s a Troll by Dennis Kelly 

Two terrible twins with a talent for turmoil rule their school, until the arrival of a new head teacher with green scaly skin, sharp fangs and a long spiky tail…

Can the twins and their friends save the school from the child-eating troll? Can they get ‘Brussels sprouts in peanut butter’ taken off the school menu? And most importantly, can naughtiness prevail?

The Last Word by Christina Maiden

Imagine a world without words! The Last Word is a highly entertaining fairy tale set in the land of Dowsr where words mysteriously begin to disappear, but who is to blame…?


LYT’s Junior Youth Theatre (8-11s) performed two 45 minute plays for an audience at The Broadway Theatre’s Studio Theatre. In addition 16 production assistants aged 12-18 provided support on the project by programming and running the lighting and sound, helping to stage manage the event and running the scene changes as part of their Technical Theatre Bronze Arts Award.